Simone is modern, fun, and impeccably groomed whom has over 20 years public speaking experience. This makes her a popular choice amongst couples. When you book Simone for your wedding she makes her commitment to you by providing:


This is your day and it is important that we are on the same page. Wedding ceremonies are not just about writing words and presenting them. It is about support both before, during and after the wedding. Simone will work with you to ensure all your legal criteria is met according to Law. You meet, you discuss, you plan, you work out the what if's and most importantly YOU WORK TOGETHER.


Have you been to a wedding or event that didn't go to plan? Simone will work through all the areas such as choreography, contingencies and what if's. A Rehearsal is an important and enjoyable part of the process. Simone will ensure that YOU can relax and enjoy your wedding/event with confidence!


Ever been to a function where the PA screeches or you cannot hear the speaker?

Simone uses a state of the art system that provides clear audio no matter where you are. Up to date quality cordless technology to reflect your needs. No matter whether it is a ceremony for a few or a thousand, your special words will be heard. Relax knowing that even your ceremony music is in safe hands. Ipod, usb, cd, phone? Simone has the equipment that will deliver your music your way...

Clear crisp sound - Simple!


Simone respects the privacy of her clients. At no time will she ever disclose personal information or related event details. (Refer FAQ's Privacy Policy) In the case of high profile clients Simone is more than happy to sign a Confidentiality Agreement if required.

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