Wedding Seremony

Time to book your Celebrant...

This is YOUR special day and it crucial that you book a person who will get it right.

Simone will make the process easy and guide you every step of the way. She is a meticulous planner and will work with you every step of the way to ensure your wedding is done right!

If you are after a cut and paste celebrant look elsewhere! Simone believes in delivering personalized ceremonies written telling your story. Even if you think there s nothing to tell!

Whether you are having a big wedding or a small intimate affair, Simone will create something special that will reflect both of you. All of Simone's clients must sign off on the ceremonial wording so YOU always have the final say.

Upon booking Simone will provide you with her special and up to date WEDDING TOOL KIT. This will provide you with great information brimming with ideas on how to plan you ceremony and give you many options - no matter how large, small, quirky or different your ideas. She will give you fantastic tips on how to incorporate important people both big and small into your ceremony.

What paperwork do I need to get married?

To be married in Australia you must be at least 18 years of age. You are required to lodge your Notice of Intended Marriage with Simone at least one calendar month prior to the wedding. This can be lodged up to 18 months in advance of the wedding.

You need original certificates and documents when filling out and lodging the Notice of In- tended Marriage, including:

  • A certificate of birth or extract of entry of birth showing date and place of birth
  • If you have no certificate of birth: a statutory declaration
  • A passport or Certificate of Australian Citizenship
  • For an overseas resident, a passport from the overseas country
  • A certificate of divorce (or decree absolute) or certificate of nullity if previously married
  • A certificate of death if previous spouse is deceased
  • If one of you is under the age of 18, a court order permitting the marriage and a con- sent form signed by the parents of the person under 18
  • An official translation of any documents not in English
  • Any Change of Name Certificate showing a name change from that on your birth certificate

International Visitors

  • You must lodge a Notice of Intended Marriage with Simone at least one calendar month prior to the wedding day. This can all be arranged via email or mail.
  • When you arrive in Australia you will be required to show Simone your passport or birth certificate and if either of you have been previously married the celebrant is also required to see your Divorce Decree Absolute or a death certificate of a previous spouse.
  • Simone will liaise with you on the ceremony wording and all other ceremonial arrangements.
  • To be married in Australia you must be 18 years of age. The law requires you to have two witnesses to the marriage. This can be organized for you if do not have family or friends attending the wedding.
  • On the wedding day you are given a Ceremonial Marriage Certificate. You will need to check with your local authorities on what documentation is required to have your marriage recognized in your country.
  • Many countries require you to obtain a Certified copy of the your Marriage Certificate. This is issued by the office of Births Deaths and Marriages once your marriage is registered. Some countries require you to have an Apostile Stamp attached to this certificate. Simone can provide advice.

Upon arrival in Australia you will meet with Simone to complete the necessary paperwork and discuss all arrangements for your wedding day.

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